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Jumping in the Leaves


On June 29, 2021, the Brookhaven City Council unanimously voted to approve the new tree protection ordinance. Many thanks go out to everyone who helped advocate for this change - including the members of the Brookhaven Tree Conservancy, and many thanks to our City Council and the City's staff for taking this step to protect Brookhaven's tree canopy. The new ordinance goes into effect immediately for all new tree removal permits. Note that permits granted before the new ordinance took effect may not comply with the new ordinance. 

If you want to help preserve Brookhaven's tree canopy for generations to come, there are several ways you can get involved.

Next steps for the Brookhaven Tree Conservancy will focus on educating citizens, builders and property owners about our trees and our tree protection ordinance.  We welcome your volunteer efforts to help with this.

Other ways to get involved:

  1. Subscribe to the Brookhaven Tree Conservancy email list to stay informed about public meetings, volunteer opportunities or other ways to help protect trees

  2. Help ensure the tree protection ordinance is being followed. If you suspect a tree is being cut illegally:

  • Look for a posted tree permit at the property. According to the Brookhaven Tree Ordinance, notice of a permit must be visible from the street for five days prior to tree removal. The notice should be green and should say "tree removal" on it, with the permit attached.

  • If there is no notice posted, then check the City of Brookhaven project portal for a permit. You can create your own account and search using the property's address.

  • If you cannot find a tree permit for the address, then contact the City to report the illegal tree removal:

Jeff Dadisman 

Tree Canopy Preservation Manager

City of Brookhaven 



Tyler Lenn, City Arborist


   3. Learn about other efforts to protect trees:

   4. Like our Facebook page

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